Woodview Joinery is an experienced and dedicated team of crafty craftsmen, with a passion for designing and creating custom timber pieces.

We are a family-run business. Small and personal, the way we like it. Woodview Joinery was originally established by Evan and Sandra Wood in 1996. In 2018, myself- Marty Clifton- took over the business when Evan and Sandra retired (a bit of trivia for you, I completed my apprentice with Woodview Joinery in 2008). My family and I live in the beautiful Blue Mountains and currently operate the business out of a workshop in Maraylya in the Hawkesbury area.

As a manufacturer we are aware that we have an impact on the environment. With this in mind we try to lessen our impact as much as possible while still trying to stay in business. We endeavour to purchase our timber from sustainably sourced saw mills and timber suppliers, reuse and recycle as much of our timber and materials where possible and our solid timber shavings are also put to good use (e.g. gardens and farm use).  Our workshop is also covered in solar panels and has energy efficient LED lights throughout to help lessen our carbon footprint.

At Woodview Joinery, we use traditional joinery methods and can customise any job to suit your design and specifications. We will consult with you through the desi gn stage, ensuring that the manufacture of your project is to your requirements. We endeavour to consistently supply our customers with a product that fulfills their every expectation. We work with the whole spec trum of clients- private, builders, architects and designers and love a challenge!

Some of our scope of work includes, but is not limited to-

  • Custom timber windows and doors
  • Statement front entries
  • Bespoke furniture and cabinetry
  • Heritage and restoration
  • Veneering
  • Custom carpentry
  • Design srvices
  • CNC Machining

Please feel free to get in touch today, we would love to hear from you and help you turn your vision into something special.